Quote Of The Day: Eliminated ‘DWTS’ Contestant

I know some of you have last night’s ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ elimination episode saved on your DVRs, so I won’t reveal the identify of who said this quote before the break. But what the contestant said was entertaining enough for me to make it the quote of the day.

“At the end when they played the montage, it was like, oh my god I died! I even started to well up a bit. Am I going to fade out and is there going to be a date [of death]?

“…we were dancing our final dance … you’re never gonna dance again…and I am going to dance again, da**it!”

Click on the continue reading link below the thumbnails if you want to know who said this, but remember, it is a spoiler ;).

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Quote Of The Day: Lindsay Lohan’s Teeth

People with eagle eyes noticed something about Lindsay Lohan when she smiled for the red carpet at the Supperclub: her teeth. They were not exactly the pearly white we’ve come to expect from Hollywood celebs. This is what Lindsay’s rep had to say:

“Lindsay is widely acknowledged as one of the most stunning actresses of her day, and we get requests every week wanting to do photo shoots with her from top photographers. She’s been on the cover of Vanity Fair and the top beauty and fashion magazines. She’s a beautiful and glamorous actress.

“With everything going on – from deteriorating public education to rampant homelessness to international unrest – there is no way I’m going to comment on Lindsay’s teeth.”

The rep has a point, although it’s his job to comment on his clients, not public affairs, but more than that, Lindsay is not looking healthy these days. I’m worried about that (and her upcoming legal issues) much more than her teeth.

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Quote Of The Day: Cher On The Kardashians

Cher admits on twitter that she’s “Fkn outa it,” but she’s trying to catch up on what’s popular these days, so she must’ve come across the Kardashians.

I don’t watch reality ! Never saw a Kardashian but these B**ches should b Drop kicked down a freeway !Not kidding! Nos I no r this Fkn nuts

Cher then clarified “DONT Hate THEM dont know THEM,” so I’m guessing she saw an episode of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ and wasn’t impressed? Or some subtle campaigning for Chaz on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ since Robert Kardashian is a competitor?

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Quote Of The Day: Adam Lambert

‘American Idol’ runner-up Adam Lambert shared what it was like as he became aware that he was gay.

“I think when I was about sixth grade, that’s when I realized that I was probably not the same as the other boys. And, you know, it was a weird discovery and, of course, I was kind of in denial for a while and it was all in my head … That’s one of the things that’s so hard about being a young person and realizing you’re gay or bi or whatever — we’re not told that that’s okay.”

That’s such a tough thing for adolescents, who just want to fit in!

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Quote Of The Day: Kate Walsh At Charlie Sheen Roast

I was surprised when I heard the very level-headed (but fun) Kate Walsh was going to be at Comedy Central’s roast of Charlie Sheen, but it sounds like she was funny (well, it’s the type of brutal humor they have at roasts). Here’s one of her jokes:

“I have to say, Charlie, you are an incredible medical specimen. I guess that’s one of the benefits of waking up every morning at the crack of crack…It’s amazing — after abusing your lungs, liver and kidneys, the only thing you’ve had removed is your kids.”

OUCH. But it is pretty funny, too- LOL.

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Quote Of The Day: Matt Damon On Jake Gyllenhaal’s Bald Head

‘Contagion’ star Matt Damon was very honest in his appraisal of his own bald head in comparison to actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s bald look.

“Wow, I try not to envy, but I have to say Jake’s got a d*mn good-looking head. He sure does have a beautiful round head.

“Normally you say, ‘That’s a beautiful head of hair, but that’s a beautiful head he’s got,’ ” Damon says laughing. “Gyllenhaal definitely gets the blue ribbon for the best bald head over me.”

I don’t know: I think Matt’s underestimating himself- LOL. Who gets your vote (you can compare them in the thumbnails)?

Quote Of The Day: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus nominated Runaways rocker Joan Jett for the “Heroes” issue of V magazine. Here’s what she said to Joan:

“People see me as this perfect Disney star, and the moment I put out a record that says ‘I’m not 11 years old anymore,’ people look down on me. That’s why I have always looked up [to] you. When you came out people were shocked that there was a chick that wanted to rock as hard as the guys.

“I love that you never apologized for who you were. It’s something I had to learn. … I’m sick of feeling as if I owe someone an apology for being who I am.”

Miley has taken a lot of flack over the years, hasn’t she? She’s been keeping a much lower profile as of late, and I can’t say I blame her. It’s intense in the spotlight!

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