Reese Witherspoon Heads To Her Pilates Class

It looks like Reese Witherspoon is starting off the New Year in the right way! The actress and celebrity mom was spotted heading to her Pilates class in Brentwood, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

Reese recently said that her body is slowing but surely getting back to its pre-pregnancy ways and that she’s not rushing her baby weight loss at all. Kudos to Reese for taking the healthy approach to her weight loss. As they say, nine months to put it on and nine months to take it off!


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Reese Witherspoon Does Some Shopping

Wow Reese Witherspoon looks great, doesn’t she? The actress might claim that she’s ‘crawling’ back to her pre-baby weight but I think she looks incredible.  It’s hard to believe that she had her 3rd child just a few short months ago.

The busy mom was seen out at the Westside Pavilion in Los Angeles today doing some shopping for the family.  It must be a lot to get everything ready for Christmas with 3 kids, especially when it’s Tennessee’s first Christmas.  I know Reese is probably enjoying spending time with her family but I can’t wait to see her back on the big screen.


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Reese Witherspoon Does Some Christmas Shopping

reese witherspoon does some christmas shopping

Looks like Reese Witherspoon is doing some extra special shopping this holiday season.  While I’m sure that the actress can afford to having someone do her shopping for her (or at least do the picking up) Reese was spotted doing some shopping at the Sports Chalet in Los Angeles this afternoon.

After Reese brought her cart full of gifts to the cash and paid for her purchased she then stopped off and picked up some lunch.  I bet Christmas will be extra fun this year for Reese and her whole family now that there’s a new baby to celebrate with.  That always makes the holidays a bit more fun, don’t you think?



Reese Witherspoon Pampers Herself

reese witherspoon pampers herself

Reese Witherspoon was spotted dropping by the nail salon. It’s great to see the new mom pampering herself a little! I’m loving Reese’s casual look here. That scarf is perfect for the holiday season. Those flats are FAB: I need to see if I can find those because I’m looking for a pair of black flats. You can see close-up pics of them in the gallery.

Reese told an interviewer she was “crawling back” to her pre-pregnancy body. I’m glad she mentioned the importance of being gentle with yourself. Besides, if I didn’t know Reese had given birth a few months ago, I’d have NO IDEA from looking at her.


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Reese Witherspoon “Crawling Back” To Pre-Baby Weight

reese witherspoon on losing baby weight

Reese Witherspoon said she’s working on getting back to her pre-baby weight after giving birth to son Tennessee a couple of months ago. She said it’s a struggle.

“I don’t know if I’m bouncing back. I’m slowly crawling back. You know, all of your joints feel wobbly, and your head is sort of confused. You just have to be gentle and patient with yourself and just sort of, you know…slowly get back to your health.”

LOOK at Reese: she may not actually be at her pre-pregnancy weight, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at her! I agree, though, you do have to be gentle with yourself right after giving birth. Reese shared a conversation she had with a friend not long ago.

“She wanted to know how she was going to feel in that moment and what it would be like when you meet your baby for the very first time. And I was talking to Jim, my husband, and I said, ‘Can you imagine describing that moment of pure joy that happens when your child is in your arms for the very first time.’ I mean, what are the words?!

“We are parents that know the joy of having a beautiful, brilliant, joyful, perfect baby. That somehow heaven has opened up and delivered us an angel [who] looks adorable in every angle of an iPhone photo. And, in my case, looks gorgeous printed on a bag or a pillow or an iPhone cover – anything you can get on TinyPrints!”

It is indescribable. Reese sounds like she’s enjoying every minute with her new little one!


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Eddie Murphy Most Overpaid Actor In Hollywood

forbes top overpaid stars list 2012

Forbes has come out with yet another list. This is their annual Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood list. Eddie Murphy got top honors with the #1 spot. Eddie’s latest movie, ‘Tower Heist,’ with Ben Stiller, didn’t perform well, only managing to double its $75 million budget. Forbes calculates that for every $1 Eddie earns, only $2.30 is returned at the box office.

Katherine Heigl got the second spot. Forbes reports for every $1 she earns, only $3.20 is returned at the box office. Surprisingly, Reese Witherspoon came in at #3. Also surprising, Sandra Bullock and Jack Black rounded out the top five spots. I admit, I’m a little confused by this reasoning. As long as a celeb isn’t losing money, isn’t that a plus? All of these celebs bring in more than they make. Isn’t that the point? Anywhere, here’s Forbes’ list of the top 9 Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood.

  1. Eddie Murphy
  2. Katherine Heigl
  3. Reese Witherspoon
  4. Sandra Bullock
  5. Jack Black
  6. Adam Sandler
  7. Denzel Washington
  8. Ben Stiller
  9. Sarah Jessica Parker



Reese Witherspoon Arrives At LAX

reese witherspoon at lax

She might have had a new baby just a few months ago but that doesn’t seem to be slowing Reese Witherspoon down much!  The Oscar winning actress was seen arriving at LAX today to catch a flight solo.

Reese looks casually chic in her black leggings, high boots and grey sweater.  Reese tied the look together with a loose black scarf.  This seems to be quite a popular look lately – Sarah Michelle Gellar was spotted out wearing an almost identical outfit today too!  Looks like leggings and high boots are going to be the look this winter!