Ryan Phillippe Leaving The Salon

Ryan Phillippe was spotted leaving the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills yesterday. He looks great!

What do you think of Ryan? Ever since his divorce from Reese Witherspoon, amid rumors of an affair with his ‘Stop-Loss’ co-star Abbie Cornish, then his dating Abbie, then their “he-said, she-said” drama once they split up, people seem to be VERY divided in their opinions of Ryan.

Regardless, Ryan’s still working. He has the films ‘The Bang Bang Club’ and ‘MacGruber’ coming out, and he’s rumored to be cast in ‘Tlatelolco: Mexico 68.’

Are you a fan of Ryan’s or not?

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Ryan Phillippe And Abbie Cornish Each Say They Dumped The Other

This looks like it’s going to get ugly. Yesterday I told you about how Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish had split and pointed out how unusual it was that Abbie even made an announcement since they were so low-key. Now they’re arguing over who ended the relationship.

First came Abbie’s announcement via her rep to People:

“Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home.”

Later in the day, Ryan’s rep released his statement:

“Ryan ended the relationship and asked her to move out of his house.”

A source close to Ryan told OK! magazine:

“She was gone for seven months in production and they basically grew apart,” the source adds. “They’d broken up a few times prior. There was no cheating or roving eyes.”

However, a friend of Abbie’s tells a different story.

“Abbie has always questioned Ryan’s loyalty. How could she not? When she began dating him he was married, she’s a smart girl,” dishes the insider. “She knows men don’t change, she hoped he would but she always knew deep down this wasn’t forever.”

Ouch. Isn’t that what Ryan and Abbie always tried to deny, that their relationship started while Ryan was still married to Reese Witherspoon?

Well, hopefully now that they’ve both made their statements, they’ll be able to move on. Airing more dirty laundry is probably just going to make them both look bad.

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Ryan Phillippe Is A Single Man

Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish have split up. The actress moved out of their Los Angeles home over the weekend and her rep released an official statement about the break.

“Abbie ended the relationship with Ryan and she moved out of their home.”

No word on why these two are no longer together though.

These two are hardly photographed together and the public doesn’t really have a great interest in them. I find it a bit surprising that Abbie’s rep would even think to announce their split. Usually a statement is released only after there has been much media speculation – almost to the point where you have to say something in order to make it stop.

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Celebs On The Set Of ‘MacGruber’

Kristen Wiig, Will Forte and Ryan Phillippe were spotted on the set of the new comedy ‘MacGruber‘ currently filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico yesterday afternoon. MacGruber is based on the Saturday Night Live sketches, which parodies ‘MacGyver‘. If you haven’t seen one yet, please take a moment to go to Youtube and watch one. They’re hilarious!

How amazing are the outfits and what about Will’s hair?!?! I can’t wait for this film to come out, what about you?

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Ryan Phillippe Spotted After Intense Workout

Ryan Phillippe was spotted leaving the gym after an intense four hour workout session in Los Angeles. It’s been a really long time since we’ve see Ryan out and about and he is definitely looking good : )

Ryan is currently starring the The Bang Bang Club, a drama about

"The true-life experiences of four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa."

Wow! Talk about a story line! Are you going to catch this one in the theatre?

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Celebrities At The Airport

LAX is always the place to be for celebrity sightings…especially yesterday. Mariah Carey was spotted leaving looking cheerful and happy in her pink dress.

Victoria Beckham (surprise, surprise) went for a dressier military look, rocking the 80’s vibe with her padded shoulders.

Cuba Gooding Jr. also flew in, and so did Ryan Phillippe and Abby Cornish, who tried to stay low-key as they made their way through the airport.

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Ryan Phillippe Taking His Son To Karate

Ryan Phillippe was photographed taking his son, Deacon to karate class yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles. It’s so nice to see Ryan remaining active in the lives of his children. Reese Witherspoon has been doing a lot of press lately for Four Christmases and she says it’s their number one priority – keeping things as normal as possible for their kids.


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