School Pick-Up With Her Nanny


How sweet is she?!?!  Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen‘s daughter Olive was spotted being picked up by her nanny after a long day at pre-school in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday afternoon.

The celebrity tot looked so cute with her little craft that I’m sure she made for her famous mommy and daddy. Check out all of our cute photos below and let us know what you think! Plus, who do you think she looks more like? Isla or Sacha? I think it’s a toss-up!


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Sacha Baron Cohen Embarrasses Isla Fisher

isla fisher embarrassed by sacha baron cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen may be hilarious on-screen as the too-honest Borat or the Dictator, but wife Isla Fisher doesn’t find it quite as amusing off-screen. Like, in real life.

“I cannot tell you how embarrassing he is in social situations. To him, there’s no difference between the awkward gaffes he deliberately makes as a comic, and the terrible faux pas he innocently commits as my husband.”

Explaining she and Sacha had gone to a movie screening, which saw a curvy woman make a long speech before Jack made a shorter address, she continued: “After the film, Sacha said to Jack, ‘Why did you have to make such a short speech? You should have shut up the woman with the big bosoms and said more yourself.’ Jack said through gritted teeth, ‘That was my mother.’

“Although even that didn’t silence Sacha. He told Jack,’ Well at least your mother has a fabulous bosom.’ And he turned to me and said, ‘You’ve always wanted larger breasts, haven’t you Isla?’ I wanted the floor to swallow me up.”

OMG! I guess Isla did want the floor to swallow her up! It sounds like Sacha can be challenging to live with, too.

“Sacha does fully embrace the people he plays and you don’t know the half of it when he comes to getting into character. I’ve lived with Borat’s handlebar moustache, Bruno’s Justin Bieber flick and The Dictator’s accusing finger. At the moment, I’m having it easy – Sacha is writing so he isn’t in character.”

Oy vey!


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“The Dictator” Gets Busy With Elisabetta Canalis On A Yacht In Cannes

Talk about some major PDA here! Sacha Baron Cohen was dressed in character as “The Dictator” when he was spotted supposedly making out with Italian television star and George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis on a yacht in Cannes.

After Elisabetta rejected The Dictator’s advances, she was supposedly wrapped up in a garbage bag and thrown overboard by the distraught fictional leader. Ahh, talk about good acting, right?


Sacha Baron Cohen Makes Matt Lauer Laugh (Video)

You have to admit, NOBODY does promotion like Sacha Baron Cohen! He visited ‘Today’ this morning in his character for his new movie, ‘The Dictator,’ Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen. In these pictures Sacha was outside the studio.

Matt Lauer looks like he was trying to play it straight but he ended up laughing pretty quickly. I don’t think I would’ve lasted as long as he did- LOL. At least he didn’t end up with ashes on his jacket. Check out Sacha’s ‘Today’ interview below.

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Check Out This New Trailer For “The Dictator”

Oh, I really hope this movie is not going to disappoint. Sacha Baron Cohen is back and this time he’s “The Dictator” and a pretty funny one, too.

A second preview for the film has been released and from the looks of it, Anna Faris has quite the role as she tries to Americanize the same Dictator who accidentally threw ashes on Ryan Seacrest at the Academy Award’s red carpet.

While I wasn’t really felling Bruno (the film was a dud), I did like Borat and this here looks to be along the same lines. Check out the preview here and tell us what you think.

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Hot New Trailer: ‘The Dictator’ Starring Sacha Baron Cohen And Megan Fox (Slightly NSFW)

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Oh boy, this ought to spark some serious controversy! You might want to make sure the little ones are out of the room – and the bosses. It’s not the raciest/violent trailer out there, but just wanted to give a warning! Here is the first look at Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest project ‘The Dictator‘. It stars Sacha, Megan Fox, John C. Reilly, Ben Kingsley, and Anna Faris.

The comedy’s brief summary:

The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

I’m sure this will be offensive to at least a dozen different groups – including the Kardashians. LOL! Are you a fan of Sacha’s comedies? Borat, Bruno, etc? I love Megan Fox showing us her sense of humor – reminds me of that Funny or Die bit she filmed.

Celebs Step Out For ‘Hugo’s” Big Night In The Big Apple

It was a night of true star power at the New York City premiere of Hugo on Nov. 21. From screen sirens Vera Farmiga and Patricia Clarkson, to funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen, they were just some of the A-Listers who rocked the red carpet outside the Ziegfeld Theatre.

While Vera and Patricia looked lovely in their basic black numbers, rising starlet Chloe Grace Mortez opted for a fun and flirty frock instead.

However, it was Sacha and the film’s director, Martin Scorsese, who looked quite sharp in their slick, jet-black suits.

With an all-star cast, complete with a cute story, I think Hugo is on track to be one of the biggest hits of the holiday season!

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