SARAH JESSICA PARKER SJP’s Ready To Make Your Feet Look Fabulous With SJP Collection!

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FINALLY. Ten years after the end of ‘Sex and the City’ (can you BELIEVE it’s been that long?), Sarah Jessica Parker, who’s SATC alter-ego, Carrie Bradshaw, was a Manolo Blahnik fanatic, is launching her own footwear line called the SJP Collection (she posted an Instagram pic of herself about to appear on ‘Opening Bell’ to talk about her shoe line). I’m amazed it took Sarah a decade to do it. She’s long been known for her chic style. So what happened? Sarah explained to USA Today:

I won’t sell a shoe to someone that isn’t well-made or timeless. I feel honor-bound to a large group of women. I am overly cognizant and aware that I would not have this opportunity if it were not for the commitment those women made to me over the years. I have no interest in selling them a bill of goods or convincing them to buy something I would not wear myself.”

And you might have a shot at affording this line. High end shoes can cost at least $1000, many more than that. Jessica’s footwear line has shoes ranging from $195 up to $500. That’s not too bad, right?  Even better, Sarah says the shoes are actually comfortable. She used the Tanny shoe, named for ballerina Tanaquil LeClercq, to explain:

It’s how a shoe is made that usually dictates comfort. You can see how nice it feels. There’s really nice padding and it makes such a big difference. They’re all made in Italy.”

The SJP Collection also features handbags and a trench coat. It’s available at as well as select stores starting tomorrow, Februay 28. You can check out the SJP collection on instagram. Just in time to get a jump on spring shopping, right?

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Sarah Jessica Parker recently sat down with Marie Claire to be featured in their March 2014 20 Questions section, and her answers are fantastic! The actress, who recently launched a new shoe and handbag line – Nordstrom SJP, divulged her secret hidden talents and superstitions.

  • Do you have a secret talent? “I can do a good working-class English accent.”
  • What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? “I can tie a beautiful bow and a proper necktie, and I’m an excellent ironer.”
  •  How did you make your first dollar? “When I was 8, I was paid $500 to play [the lead in] The Little Match Girl for a week, but I was more excited about the $5 lunch stipend.”
  •  What superstition do you believe in? “On the first of every month, I say, ‘Rabbit, rabbit.”

Be sure to check out the March issue of Marie Claire, on newsstands now!


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Get The Fab Obsessed Style Buzz:

Call us a little obsessed with the fab faux fur by IMPOSTER 4 ANIMALS. Kaley CuocoSarah Jessica Parker, Frieda Pinto, Emmy Rossum, and Nikki Reed are fans of the faux fur, too.  IMPOSTER is an affordable, animal-friendly fashion accessory for any age of “fashionista.”

The Russian hat looks authentic and ultra warm. It’s available in three varieties — Grey Chinchilla, Ivory and Raccoon. We can’t wait to get our hands on one! IMPOSTER has the look and warmth of real fur without animal cruelty. As a bonus, it’s guilt free. This is a company with genuine heart. They donate a percentage of all sales to 8 different animal welfare charities and The Humane Society has endorsed the collection.

The collection includes scarves, hats, ear muffs, coats and vests in grey chinchilla, coyote, black, plum, peacock, ivory and
raccoon. IMPOSTER is sold at Barney’s, Henri Bendel, Nordstroms, Anthropologie, other retailers, as well as Imposter’s website.

Imposter 4 Animals COLLAGE



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Sarah Jessica Parker made the guest list for the Cosmo 100 Luncheon in New York City. I bet that’s a fun afternoon! Sarah was as fashionable as ever. She wore what looks like a black dress topped with a blazer. I’m loving those knee-high boots. And I’ve found yet another bag to add to my wish-list: LOL.

Sarah may not be quite as wild as her ‘Sex and the City’ alter-ego, Carrie, but she’s every bit as chic. That’s a big part of what I still miss about the show: all the talk about clothes and fashion. I need to have a ‘Sex and the City’ marathon sometime, when I can find a few minutes.


SARAH JESSICA PARKER Takes her Girls to School


Mama on the go Sarah Jessica Parker was all smiles this morning as she and her four-year-old twins braved the New York City cold en route to their school. Tabitha and Marion were bundled all the way up against the chill, and SJP made a good example for her girls in a long puffer.

In case you didn’t know yet, Sarah Jessica finally joined Instagram! We highly recommend following her @sarahjessicaparker for cool NYC snaps.


SARAH JESSICA PARKER Celebrating Opening Night Of ‘The Commons Of Pensacola’

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Did you hear about former ‘Sex and the City‘ star Sarah Jessica Parker’s newest acting gig? Sarah’s starring in the Off Broadway play ‘The Commons of Pensacola.’ She co-stars in the play with Blythe Danner. Actress Amanda Peet wrote the play! That news isn’t as shocking when you remember Amanda is married to screenwriter David Benioff- LOL.

‘The Commons of Pensacola’ is about the Madoff family. Variety says the play “isn’t half bad.” Last night was the opening night, which meant there was an after-party, which Sarah’s husband Matthew Broderick attended. I’m loving Sarah in this top and long skirt. Are you a fan?

TABITHA & MARION BRODERICK Chilly Walk to School this Morning

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It’s snowing in New York City today, and we’re not sure all the kids are as excited as they would be, could they stay home! Sarah Jessica Parker‘s adorable twin daughters, Tabitha and Marion, were spotted en route to school with their nanny and let’s just say the girls seemed less than enthused at being all bundled up.

While Marion stuck her tongue out, Tabitha lost a boot and her little bare foot needed to be redressed. At least they were both looking cute as always–today in colorful puffer coats paired with striped leggings.