First Look: Brad Pitt And Sean Penn In ‘Tree Of Life’

Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in a movie together. Somehow, I can’t see these two on-screen together, although they’re similar. Two major movie stars. Both humanitarians. Yet Sean is so intense compared to Brad.

But I don’t think they’ll be in scenes together: I think Brad plays Sean’s character’s father, so Brad is in the flashbacks. I think.

‘Tree of Life’ hits theaters May 27, 2011. Does this look like something to go see in the theater, a renter, or one to skip?

Sean Penn Isn’t Giving Up On Haiti

When Sean Penn isn’t working on a movie set, he’s in Haiti still trying to do his part to help the country recover after the devastating earthquake.  Some of the organizations that his JP Haitian Relief Organization was partnered with are wanting to pull out and focus on other areas rather than the massive tent cities, but he vows to beg them to stay on:

I don’t think there has even been a published or discussed exit strategy. If there is one, it would only live in my head,” In one mutation or another, this is going to be a several-decades-long organization, and it may develop into something entirely different over time.

“All of the partners have been good partners, and I don’t intend to give up on any of them, and, if they pull out, there will be scratch marks on their ankles so deep they won’t be able to walk out,” Penn said. “I am extremely reluctant to believe that once I have  some conversations with some of these partners that they will be leaving any time soon.”

“Rubble removal is the key thing. But obviously if something like what just happened with the cholera outbreak keeps happening, and this becomes a widespread outbreak, then we need to focus on that.  I would start with rubble removal, and then camp management is quite important. We would like to expand that and take on other camps because, as you know, most camps have no management.”

Sean says that managing the camps and distributing the aid has to be done “just so” to keep things running smoothly. The actor shows some of his frustration over the struggle to do just that:

All of these things have to be parallel, and when people separate, that means it is a confession that they aren’t doing their f–ing job, they don’t know what they’re doing, and they should get the f– out of Haiti.

I give Sean a lot of credit for sticking by Haiti and really doing the grunt work on the ground and not giving up after all this time.  It’s obvious that he’s in this for the long haul.

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Quote Of The Day: Wyclef Jean

If I was president.I got a message for Sean Penn, maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine.

~Wyclef Jean allegedly responds (during a song at a concert performance) to the comments Sean Penn made on Larry King’s show.

Sean Penn Shows Off His Versatility As An Actor

Sean Penn was snapped on the set of his new movie “This Must Be the Place”, which is filming in Dublin. The movie is a “crime thriller” with Sean playing a former rock star:

A bored, retired rock star sets out to find his father’s executioner, an ex-Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the U.S.

I have to admit that at first when I saw the shots, I thought this movie might be a comedy, but after reading iMDb, I see that it’s not. Sean is a talented actor, but he never does comedy anymore. And he clearly CAN do comedy – I mean Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High anyone??? Yeah, I know, it was 28 years ago, but STILL. That’s my career advice for Sean Penn: take a break from all those serious roles. Do a comedy – something fun and goofy!

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First Look: Sean Penn And Naomi Watts In ‘Fair Game’

This is a spy thriller starring two very talented actors: Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. It’s scheduled to hit theaters November 5.

Despite Sean and Naomi’s talents, I’m not sure this one really catches my interest (although it certainly looks intense). What do you think?

Reese Witherspoon Catches Up With Tim Robbins And Sean Penn

Man! Malibu was HOT this weekend. Reese Witherspoon, Sean Penn and Tim Robbins partied together at a private function on the beach for the holiday weekend. If I lived in that area, I would just walk up and down the coast on the 4th of July. You are BOUND to bump into a celeb!

Reese brought along her two children – Ava and Deacon – to enjoy the water and chow down on some BBQ food. I’m sure it was a much needed break from her hectic schedule on ‘Water for Elephants’.

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Quote Of The Day: Sean Penn

Sean Penn talked to Vanity Fair about his work in Haiti and his ex-wife, Robin Wright.

She is a ghost to me now. We spent all those years together. … Now she’s just gone.

“I was for 20 years in a relationship with Robin and 18 years with children. I didn’t have time to commit to anything-for real-in places like Iraq, except to denounce the war. But now I’m single. I can lend a hand.”

I get the impression Robin had had ENOUGH when she filed for divorce the final time. And Sean isn’t known to be the easiest guy to get along with.

Hopefully they’re able to keep things civil for the sake of their children (even though their children are all adults now).

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