Video Clips From The Oscars – No It Will Not End Today

It is what it is. The day after the big event. Please excuse me in advance, but there are people out there that did not see the show or are looking to see the show again.

ONTD had a TON of videos this morning, so I am just going to give them credit and post away.

  • Ben Stiller making fun of Joaquin Phoenix.
  • Sean Penn’s acceptance speech
  • Hugh Jackman’s opening performance
  • Hugh Jackman’s musical number

If you watched last night, did you enjoy the show? What was your favorite part? Any surprises?
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Sean Penn Is Sick Of Uncommitted Actors

Sean Penn has no patience for the Hollywood type that resorts to self-promoting through modeling for clothing and perfume ads. He tells Rolling Stone,

"People are
spending too much time modelling for some f**king clothing company
instead of acting, and I resent it. It’s like, ‘Are you going to do the
Chanel ad today? I thought you were in the middle of shooting a f**king
movie. Just let me know if you mean it. I want to know you’re trying
to write the great American novel every time. Fail all you want, but
f**king try."

Sean thinks that if an actor or actress truly wants to be taken seriously, they would leave all the rest behind. Do you think that’s true. Do you lose all respect for celebrities who are out to make an extra buck doing advertising gigs?

Photos by Bauer Griffin.

The 2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival

THANK GOODNESS Dakota Fanning is growing up to be a cute teenager. I was so worried for her as a young actress having to go through that transition in front of the entire world. Typically, child actors who are adorable when they are young turn into quirky teens who need to quit the business for a few years to get through the awkward stages.

But here she is, as pretty as she can be, at the 2009 Palm Springs International Film Festival alongside Sean Penn, Anne Hathaway, Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams and Josh Brolin.

What do you think about what everyone decided to wear? Anne sure loves her black doesn’t she? :)



But How Do You Really Feel?

“I still think photographers should be lashed out at. They should be put in a cage where you can poke them with a stick for a quarter. But not in a hostile way, just for giggles. “They really are on the attack against mankind; it’s a disease. They should be helped somewhere. But I’d still like to poke them with a stick.”

Sean Penn on the paparazzi