Nick Loeb Allowed To File Lawsuit For Custody Of Embryos With Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb Have Split Again! **FILE PHOTOS**Looks like Nick Loeb is going to get his day in court. Sofia Vergara’s attorney was trying to argue that his lawsuit should be thrown out, but Nick prevailed in court on Friday.

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Nick Loeb Alleges Sofia Vergara Physically & Mentally Abused Him

Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb Have Split Again! **FILE PHOTOS**More details from the court papers that Nick Loeb filed to get full custody of his and ex-fiancee Sofia Vergara’s frozen embryos are coming out. We already knew that Nick had alleged that Sofia was physically and emotionally abusive. Now we’re getting more details as well as why those allegations were even included in the court documents for the lawsuit.

RELATED: Nick Loeb makes his case for why he should get custody of the frozen embryos in a NYT op-ed piece.

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Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello “Not In A Rush” For Kids

Sofia Vergara Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of FameSofia Vergara already has a son, 23-year-old Manolo, but Joe Manganiello doesn’t have any children, so of course there are questions about whether or not the engaged couple plan on having children.

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Sofia Vergara Hits Back At Nick Loeb & Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Sofia Vergara Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of FameI think one thing is clear: Sofia Vergara is NOT letting ex-fiance Nick Loeb and his lawsuit to gain custody of their frozen embryos get her down. Look at her getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: she looks radiant, as she should! It’s a major milestone for an actor to get her star. Yet she can’t avoid questions about Nick and the lawsuit.

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Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello Have Set A Wedding Date!

'Hot Pursuit' Los Angeles PremiereMagic Mike XXL star Joe Manganiello said previously the couple had set a wedding date, but Sofia Vergara contradicted him. Now she is saying they’ve set a date: I hope Joe agrees!

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Joe Manganiello Practiced Magic Mike XXL Dance Moves On Sofia Vergara

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit GalaYet another reason to want to BE Sofia Vergara! Joe Manganiello admits he practiced his sexy dance moves on his fiancee, even if she wasn’t always… willing. How could she not be willing?

RELATED: Sofia Vergara speaks out on her “embryo battle” with her former fiance, Nick Loeb. She insists she’s done nothing wrong and wants their legal agreement enforced. Read her reasoning about why she doesn’t want him getting custody of their frozen embryos.

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Sofia Vergara On Embryo Battle With Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara Steps Out In New York CityWell, Nick Loeb has his say with his op-ed piece in the New York Times. Now Sofia Vergara is publicly responding. Something tells me the court of public opinion is the most important “courtroom” here!

RELATED: Nick Loeb explains why he wants custody of the frozen embryos he made with Sofia Vergara in a NYT op-ed piece.

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