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Taylor Kinney Works While Girlfriend Lady Gaga Has Surgery

While girlfriend Lady Gaga went under the knife for surgery on her hip, her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, had to report to set for duty. Here’s Taylor filming scenes for ‘Chicago Fire.’ He looks like he had fun running around in all that firefighter gear! Boys and their toys…

But is there anything hotter than a cute guy in uniform? I don’t think so. I can see women setting small fires in their homes if a firefighter like Taylor would show up to put it out.


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Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney Getting “Super Serious”

lady gaga & taylor mckinney are getting serious

Lady Gaga may be one of the most photographed superstars on the planet right now, yet it’s easy to forget she’s dating ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Taylor Kinney. You virtually never see Lady Gaga and Taylor out together! I’d wondered if they had split, but Radar Online is saying the exact opposite. Not only are they still together, but things are getting serious between Taylor and Lady Gaga. A source said:

“Gaga is crazy about Taylor and they really have a good thing going. He makes her so happy. Lately all Gaga can talk about is settling down with Taylor. She’s really eager to get married and start a family with him.”

Should we brace ourselves for a pregnant Lady Gaga in 2013? At this point, nothing would shock me- LOL. I’m glad Lady Gaga and Taylor are happy together.


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Lady Gaga Wants To Have A Baby

Lady Gaga is ready to join the Hollywood baby boom, according to this report! Apparently things are going so well with Gaga and ‘Vampire Diaries’ actor Taylor Kinney that the singer wants to start a family with him.

“She wants everything with him – love, marriage and a family. But she’s set on becoming a mother before they think about anything else and she’s talking about giving birth in the next year. You know this is the real deal because she never talked about babies when she was with her long-term ex-boyfriend Lüc Carl. With Taylor, that’s all she talks about now.”

Taylor reportedly feels the same way.

“He’s walking on air right now and can’t stop talking about how he’s going to become a dad and settle down. If you have the sort of money they do – especially Gaga – there really isn’t a problem about having a baby out of wedlock these days. They’ll get the chance to see how they adapt to parenthood and – heaven forbid – if things go wrong, there won’t be any ugly divorce and there will never be a problem about supporting the kid.”

I’m surprised to hear this just because Gaga is only 25: I’d have thought she would spend a few more years focused on her career before having a family. Who knows?

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Lady Gaga’s BF Wants Her To Drop The Persona At Home

Lady Gaga’s boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, wants her to check the “alter ego” Lady Gaga persona at home and “be normal.”

“Gaga started living and breathing her character 24/7 because she felt her fans wanted that. Taylor has convinced her that he loves the real Stefani.”

According to this source, Lady Gaga has agreed to be “more human” at home. Awww, that’s actually very sweet. And hopefully Lady Gaga realizes how lucky she is to have someone who loves her.

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Lady Gaga Asks Her Boyfriend To Move In With Her

Sounds like things are heating up between Lady Gaga and her rumored boyfriend, ‘Vampire Diaries’ star Taylor Kinney! They reportedly met last July on the set of her video ‘You and I.’ Now they’re said to be ready to take the next step and move in together.

“They’ve been looking for two places – one near his parents in Pennsylvania and one in the Big Apple.”

Lady Gaga reportedly looked at a $1.7 million 6,000 square feet property in a gated Community in Bent Creek, Pennsylvania. A neighbor told the media:

“I think it would be really interesting if she moved here. I think they might have to step up front gate security a little bit to slow down paparazzi maybe.”

I’m guessing that would be the “get away from it all” property, don’t you think? Lady Gaga has said it’s hard to find love, so if this story is true, then I’m happy things are going well for her in the romance department!

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