Celebrity Birthdays For July 3… Cha, Cha, Cha!

Tom Cruise Stops By 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'

Happy Birthday to Tom Cruise! He’s 51 today. Hopefully Tom will have a better birthday this year: last year, Katie Holmes filed for divorce right before his big day. Let’s see who else is celebrating a birthday.

  • Singer Judith Durham of The Seekers is 70.
  • Actor Michael Cole is 68.
  • Country singer Johnny Lee is 67.
  • Writer Dave Barry is 66.
  • Actress Betty Buckley is 66.
  • Guitarist-singer Paul Barrere of Little Feat is 65.
  • Talk-show host Montel Williams is 57.
  • Country singer Aaron Tippin is 55.
  • Synthesizer player Vince Clarke of Erasure is 53.
  • Actor Tom Cruise is 51.
  • Actor Thomas Gibson is 51.
  • Actress Hunter Tylo is 51.
  • Actress Connie Nielsen is 49.
  • Actress Yeardley Smith is 49.
  • Keyboardist-guitarist Kevin Hearn of Barenaked Ladies is 44.
  • Singer Tonia Tash of Divine is 34.
  • Actor Grant Rosenmeyer is 22.



CHER Dishes On Where Tom Cruise Ranked As A Lover

Cher Departing On A Flight At LAX

I’m trying to remember if I ever knew about this Hot Hollywood Couple. If I did, I’ve forgotten about it. Did you know Cher and Tom Cruise used to date? The two dated before Tom became a megastar back in the 80s. Anyway, they did. Cher took a trip down memory lane when she visited Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ Host Andy Cohen asked her for a list of her best lovers. Cher said:

“Well, a lot of them kind of came in first. I had just the greatest lovers ever.”

Andy DID remember Cher and Tom used to date, so he asked about the movie star. Cher replied:

“He was in the Top 5.”

Then Cher added the qualification:

“[My list of lovers is] not a long list. It’s just a good list.”

I’m sure Tom appreciated the shout-out regardless  ;-).



TOM CRUISE Reveals What Embarrassing Body Parts He’s Been Asked To Sign

Tom Cruise Stops By 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'

When you’re as famous as Tom Cruise is you have to assume that he gets his fair share of autograph requests, however on last night’s The Tonight Show With Jay Leno the actor revealed details on where he’s been asked to sign!

Tom was on the show to promote his movie ‘Oblivion’ and was joined by Emily Blunt who co-stars with Tom in ‘The Only Way Is Kill’ when she slipped about a recent autograph request.  When Jay asked Tom which body parts he’s been asked to sign Emily responded saying;

 “Their boobs!”

Tom of course began to laugh uncontrollably while agreeing, and saying;


It is absolutely not surprising to me that Tom has had women request him to sign their breasts!  I’m sure it’s happened more than once too!  Emily also went on to speak about working with Tom saying;

“He’s the greatest. I’ve never actually met anyone with more enthusiasm and passion.”

And it sounds like he ladies still love him too!



TOM CRUISE A Hollywood Anomaly?

OBLIVION Premieres in Hollywood

Have you had a chance to see Tom Cruise’s new movie, ‘Oblivion‘? I admit I haven’t- the weekend completely got away from me- but I definitely plan on it! Tom is known for doing a lot of his own stunt work for his action movies. A stunt man who worked with Tom on ‘Jack Reacher’ was impressed with his skills.

“Tom is an anomaly, I’ve never worked with another actor who has the acumen for stunts that he does. He’s done so much and he’s trained for so many movies and so many different types of stunt work,  fighting, fire, explosions, car chases, motorcycles.
“He has such a good solid foundation of skills that you’re not really putting him in that much danger like you would with another actor when you’re working out the stunts. He’s more like one of the stunt guys. Tom is a very safe guy, he knows that he can put himself in these dramatic situations without injuring himself, there is a lot of skill to it.”
Impressive! Tom is also said to be both demanding and appreciative of everyone who works on his films. The stunt guy who worked with him explained:
“[Tom] is a taskmaster and there is a certain level that you need to be at to work with him. You have to get it done but he is so appreciative of everyone he works with, he surrounds himself with the best of the best and he knows he couldn’t make the movies that he does at this level without them.”
There is a reason why Tom Cruise is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, right?

TOM CRUISE Visits ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’

Tom Cruise Stops By 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart'

Tom Cruise continues to promote his new movie, ‘Oblivion‘! It opens here in the United States this Friday. Abroad, ‘Oblivion’ is doing extremely well. This sounds like another Tom  Cruise hit. I can’t WAIT to see it.

Jon Stewart had fun with Tom, of course, on ‘The Daily Show.’ Is there anyone Jon can’t interview? I don’t think so! He and Tom really seem to have a nice time talking. Check out this clip.


Photos by AAR/Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET

TOM CRUISE Bought His ‘Oblivion’ Co-Star A SoulCycle

'Oblivion' - UK Premiere

That Tom Cruise can definitely be one thoughtful guy!  While in NYC promoting his new flick ‘Oblivion‘ with co-star Olga Kurylenkothe duo decided to take an upscale spinning class called SoulCycle.  The class is a bit different than other classes in that it lasts 45 minutes and gets people in the mood with candles and dim lighting.  Kurlyenko was apparently quite impressed with the class so Cruise decided to buy her a SoulCycle of her own!  According to The Sun;

“Tom’s always thinking of ways that he can make lives of people around him better, so when Olga was complaining that she wants to exercise but finds going to the gym boring, he took her to a SoulCycle class … which she loved.

“Tom had the bike shipped to her apartment in London to use when she gets back from the gruelling ‘Oblivion’ press tour.”

That is quite thoughtful, although I think part of the appeal of the class was the mood lighting!  Maybe Olga will just have to light candles at home when does her spinning to recreate the mood!



TOM CRUISE Flaunted His Acting Chops On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Tom Cruise Stops By 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Tom Cruise showed what makes him a movie star last night on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ He was there to promote his new film, ‘Oblivion.’ But you know Jimmy: he’s not going to just sit there and talk about shooting action scenes for an interview. So Jimmy decided to test Tom’s acting chops. He gave Tom some one-liners and asked Tom to deliver them. Of course he was up for the challenge. He’s Tom Cruise, after all. Check out how he did:

I’d say he nailed them, wouldn’t you? LOL Tom was all smiles outside the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ studio, too.