Vanessa Hudgens Works Up A Sweat

vanessa hudgens works up a sweat

Vanessa Hudgens was seen leaving the gym after a workout. This girl’s willpower and dedication is an inspiration! We see Vanessa leaving the gym all the time. She hikes and does yoga. I bet Vanessa’s in excellent shape.

Are you looking forward to seeing Vanessa in the movie ‘Spring Breakers’?  I’m not sure if we’ll get to see it in the United States. According to IMDb, ‘Spring Breakers’ has scheduled releases in throughout Europe but no set date for the United States. Hopefully the producers are able to get the movie a distribution deal!



Vanessa Hudgens & Stella Do Lunch

vanessa hudgens does lunch and a hike

Vanessa Hudgens spent some more time hanging out with her sister, Stella. This time, they were joined by a pal. The trio had lunch at the Kings Road Cafe. Then Vanessa, Stella, and their friend went for a hike. Talk about a great way to work off your meal!

Vanessa was camera shy today. Look at how low she had her cap pulled down. She was not in the mood, I guess.


Photos by GB818/FAMEFLYNET

Vanessa Hudgens & Stella Pamper Themselves

vanessa hugens & stella get manicures

Vanessa Hudgens and Stella pampered themselves and got some sisterly bonding in yesterday afternoon! They were seen getting manicures in Studio City. It’s nice to see sisters who are so close. We often see Vanessa and Stella hanging out together, either having lunch or working out.

Between Stella and boyfriend Austin Butler, it’s clear Vanessa has a tight inner circle. In a place like Hollywood, where a lot of things are, um, not as they seem, that’s probably a huge relief for Vanessa! I wonder what Vanessa has coming up next, work-wise? We haven’t heard anything about her last movie, ‘Spring Breakers,’ getting a distribution deal after appearing at the fesitvals. Perhaps it already had one. We’ll see…



Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Do Sushi & Church

vanessa hudgens & austin butler do sushi & lunch

Spring Breakers‘ star Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler enjoyed a low-key evening. They ate at a local sushi restaurant. Then the couple went to evening services at church in Hollywood. I wonder if they’ll attend New Year’s Eve services as well?

People forget- not everyone parties for New Year’s or even just stay at home. Plenty of people pray in the New Year at church. There are certainly worse ways to ring in 2013. And on a completely different note (but one I can’t resist), I’m loving Vanessa’s bag!



Vanessa Hudgens Gets Her Yoga On

vanessa hudgens leaves yoga

Vanessa Hudgens headed to yoga class. She’s keeping up with her exercise routine despite the holidays. Good for her! Vanessa’s doing what typically becomes the most popular New Year’s resolution: exercise, get healthy, lose weight (really, don’t they all mean the same thing to most people?)

LOVE Vanessa’s heavy sweater coat. I’m a big fan of the pattern. See, in places like California, you can wear that outside in December and it’ll actually keep you warm. It’s completely impractical for most of us, but I can at least admire it.



Celebrity Birthdays For December 15… Cha, Cha, Cha!

celebrity birthdays for december 14

Happy Birthday to Vanessa Hudgens! She’s 24 today. Let’s see which other celebs are celebrating a birthday today.

  • Actor Hal Williams is 74.
  • Singer Joyce Vincent-Wilson of Tony Orlando and Dawn is 66.
  • Actress Patty Duke is 66.
  • Actress Dee Wallace is 64.
  • Bassist Cliff Williams of AC/DC is 63.
  • Singer-guitarist Mike Scott of The Waterboys is 54.
  • Singer-whistle player Peter “Spider” Stacy of The Pogues is 54.
  • Actress Cynthia Gibb (Fame) is 49.
  • Singer Brian Dalyrimple of Soul for Real is 37.
  • Actress Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) is 24.



Fact Or Fiction: Did Christina Aguilera Hit On Vanessa Hudgens? (Video)

I don’t know what to think of this story! Christina Aguilera reportedly tried to pick up Vanessa Hudgens? I know they both got their start at Disney, but come on! Anyway, this story claims Christina tried to get Vanessa to, um, come home with her and boyfriend Matt  Rutler when they met at a Beverly Hills party. Vanessa reportedly declined.

This story seems so “out of the blue.” You never know what goes on behind clothes. Nonetheless, I think I vote “fiction” for this Hollywood story. What do you think?