VANESSA HUDGENS Is Vanessa Getting Ready For Her Close Up?

Exclusive... Vanessa Hudgens Stops By A Hair Studio

Vanessa Hudgens stopped by the hair salon wearing this ensemble. My first thought was: she must be dressed for a photoshoot. Vanessa’s dressed for it and now needs her hair done. That doesn’t really make sense, however. Why dress for the photoshoot and then get your hair done?

Wouldn’t the hair stylist be on set? Maybe it’s a low-budget shoot. Then again, Vanessa does have a fairly personal quirky style. We’ve seen a lot of transparent fabrics on the red carpet lately. Perhaps Vanessa’s adopting  the look for her regular daywear? I wouldn’t be surprised.


Photos by Premiere/FAMEFLYNET

VANESSA HUDGENS Pampers Herself With A Spa Day

Vanessa Hudgens Stops By The Spa

Vanessa Hudgens decided to pamper herself yesterday. Here’s the ‘Spring Breakers
star heading into the spa. Vanessa’s my kind of girl! I’ve been meaning to book a day at the spa for a couple of months now. Who can find the time?

Vanessa can! She’s between projects right now. The actress needs to enjoy the downtime while she can: she has three films due out this year. The films are called ‘Gimme Shelter,’ ‘The Frozen Ground,’ and ‘Machete Kills.’ Vanessa will be on the promotional circuit later this year. Such is the life of an actress…




Vanessa Hudgens Is In No Mood For Photos

Looks like someone wasn’t in the mood to have her picture taken today!  Vanessa Hudgens, who looks like she’s on her way to either yoga or pilates – tried to cover her face from the paparazzi with her wallet today as she made her way to her car in Studio City today.

I can understand the frustration too – it must be weird to just be walking to your car while there are people just standing there taking your picture!  But I think they also don’t like it when no one wants to take their picture too, so it’s a tricky balance. Even with her face half hidden Vanessa still looks super cute in her leggings and tank and her top knot.  Nice nails too!



VANESSA HUDGENS Working On Her Fitness

Exclusive... Vanessa Hudgens Goes To Her Pilates Class

Vanessa Hudgens looks a little different here, don’t you think?  I can’t quite tell if the actress has cut her hair or if it’s just tucked into her shirt.  The last time we saw her her long locks were almost at her waist and I can’t see where all that hair would be tucked in so maybe she opted for a cut or had extensions removed.

Vanessa was looking fresh faced this morning as she headed to her local Pilates studio with her phone and yoga mat in hand.  This is one actress who is definitely serious about staying in shape!



VANESSA HUDGENS & AUSTIN BUTLER Catching A Flight Out Of Burbank

Exclusive... Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler Catch a Flight

Looks like Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are going on a romantic getaway! The couple was seen catching a flight at Burbank Airport. Neither Vanessa nor Austin seems to have much in the way of luggage. My guess? They’re headed somewhere to lay out on the beach.

You don’t need much luggage for a beach vacation. All you have to bring along is a change of swimwear, some cover-ups, and a few casual clothes you can wear out to dinner. Sounds like my kind of getaway.




Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler Lunch in Beverly Hills

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler had lunch at Cafe Roma in Beverly Hills yesterday. They ate with pal Oliver Trevena. Doesn’t Vanessa look cute in her sleeveless dress and thigh-high heels? This is one girl who likes edgy dressing, even more so than Jessica Alba!

Now that Vanessa’s done promoting ‘Spring Breakers,’ she seems to be headed for a quiet summer. She has three movies in post-production, but nothing in pre-production. So Vanessa gets her summer off! Lucky girl.



VANESSA HUDGENS & AUSTIN BUTLER Exploring Their Hippie Sides At Coachella

Coachella Music Festival Day 3

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler hung out at Coachella. I was beginning to wonder if Vanessa and Austin had split. There haven’t been any pics of the two together in a while. They look happy here, however, don’t they?

Vanessa’s certainly been busy. She spent quite a bit of time abroad promoting ‘Spring Breakers.’ Austin likely had to work as well. Separations are part of the life of working actors.


Photos by Premiere/CPR/Rocstar/FAMEFLYNET