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Victoria Beckham Searches For A School

Victoria Beckham made sure she looked her best as she went looking for a school for her youngest child, daughter Harper. Can you BELIEVE Harper is old enough to start preschool? It seems like Victoria just welcomed her daughter! Time really does fly.

I’m loving Victoria’s look here. I NEED those heels. LOVE the entire outfit, however, from the coat to the dress to the shoes. Wherever Victoria sends Harper, there’s no question she’ll be the chicest mum there.


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VICTORIA BECKHAM Heading Back Home To London


It looks like the Beckham family is already getting used to all the zigzagging that they are doing between London and Paris. With Victoria Beckham working in London and husband David Beckham playing soccer in Paris, let’s just hope this family gets a good discount on their Euro Star pass this year!

The fashionista was spotted once again making her way home to London after watching David during a match he had in the French capital. Just writing about Victoria and all the commuting she’s doing is making me tired for her, LOL. Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what your thoughts are!


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VICTORIA BECKHAM & DAVID BECKHAM: Victoria Cheers On David’s PSG Debut

Victoria Beckham Roots on David During his French Team Debut

Victoria Beckham cheered on husband David Beckham in his PSG soccer debut. Victoria looks like she had some nervous moments up in the stands! I’m surprised she’d even get nervous after all the years David’s been playing, and they’ve been married- LOL. Well, everyone always wants to win, right?

David seemed to be at home on the field, however. I bet he enjoys playing soccer in Europe again. The sport is so much more popular over there. Ultimately, PSG won the game!



VICTORIA BECKHAM & The Kids Return To London

Victoria Beckham & Kids Return To London

Victoria Beckham and the kids took a quick trip to Paris on the Eurostar, surely to visit David Beckham. Then they took the train back. Here are Victoria and the kids returning to London. Doesn’t Harper look adorable in her coat? Big brother Brooklyn had her other side covered.

I’m guessing Romeo and Cruz managed to avoid the cameras by hanging back a little. Can you imagine Paris being just a quick train ride away? Those Brits are SO lucky!


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VICTORIA BECKHAM Hamburger Break With The Kids


See, for those of you who thought otherwise, Victoria Beckham DOES eat! LOL. The fashionista was spotted taking her kids out for a quick lunch Byron Hamburgers in Westfield in London, England on Wednesday afternoon.

It seems like the paparazzi just can’t keep up with the Beckham family these days – one day their in Paris, and the next day their back at home in the British capital. I wonder if the kids are going to be taking French lessons anytime soon? I’m sure they’re going to need it sooner or later!

Check out all of our cute photos below and let us know what you think.


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THE BECKHAM KIDS Afternoon Stroll In Paris


Oh la la! It looks like the Beckham kids are going to have to start learning French as they’ll be spending a whole lot of time in Paris for the next couple of months. David and Victoria Beckham‘s children were spotted going on an afternoon stroll with their nanny while they were out and about in the French capital on Tuesday afternoon.

Romeo looks like he’s a stylish little kid, doesn’t he? I just love his cool, Hollywood persona in these pics, LOL. But then again with a mom like Victoria, there was no doubt that these kids were going to be uber hip. It’s in their blood!

Check out our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!


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THE BECKHAMS Make Their Way To Paris


So this is why the Beckhams were in a hurry to celebrate Cruz’s birthday in London today! I swear, this family never stays put! David and Victoria Beckham were spotted taking their four kids on a trip to Paris via the Euro Star while in the British capital on Monday afternoon.

As I’m sure you already know, the Beckhams are splitting their time between both European capitals, since David is now playing soccer in Paris and Victoria is working full-time on her clothing line in London. So far it looks like they are making things work, although I wouldn’t doubt that they are exhausted. Going from London to Paris every week is a long work commute, if you ask me (but one that I wouldn’t mind myself either!!).


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