Afternoon Stroll In Paris


Oh la la! It looks like the Beckham kids are going to have to start learning French as they’ll be spending a whole lot of time in Paris for the next couple of months. David and Victoria Beckham‘s children were spotted going on an afternoon stroll with their nanny while they were out and about in the French capital on Tuesday afternoon.

Romeo looks like he’s a stylish little kid, doesn’t he? I just love his cool, Hollywood persona in these pics, LOL. But then again with a mom like Victoria, there was no doubt that these kids were going to be uber hip. It’s in their blood!

Check out our photo gallery below and let us know what you think!


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The Celebrity Family Make Their Way To Paris


So this is why the Beckhams were in a hurry to celebrate Cruz’s birthday in London today! I swear, this family never stays put! David and Victoria Beckham were spotted taking their four kids on a trip to Paris via the Euro Star while in the British capital on Monday afternoon.

As I’m sure you already know, the Beckhams are splitting their time between both European capitals, since David is now playing soccer in Paris and Victoria is working full-time on her clothing line in London. So far it looks like they are making things work, although I wouldn’t doubt that they are exhausted. Going from London to Paris every week is a long work commute, if you ask me (but one that I wouldn’t mind myself either!!).


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Ready To Celebrate Cruz’s Birthday


The Beckhams have got to be one of the busiest families in the celebrity world. They are always on the go! David and Victoria Beckham were spotted out and about with their boys once again as they were getting ready to celebrate Cruz’s birthday a few days early while in London, England on Monday afternoon.

After dazzling the critics at both New York and London Fashion Weeks, I’m sure Victoria is enjoying the time she gets to spend with her kids now. She is one fashionable mama, isn’t she? Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know your thoughts. And of course, Happy Birthday Cruz! He’s just getting SO BIG!


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Takes Baby Harper Shopping


Could this baby be any more stinkin’ cute?!?! (And yes, I’m saying that because she looks so much like her daddy!) A very fashionable Victoria Beckham was spotted taking her cutie pie daughter Harper out for a shopping trip while the two were together in New York City on Tuesday afternoon.

With a mother like Victoria, you know Harper is going to grow up having one of the most talked about closets! LOL. That is, unless, Harper decides to become a tomboy and with three older brothers in the family, that could happen! In the meantime, shop away ladies! Check out all of our photos below and let us know what you think.


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The Beckhams Are Back In NYC

The Beckhams Brunch in New York

The Beckhams are back! David and Victoria Beckham are in New York City. The couple had brunch at Baltazar. Victoria is gearing up for another show at New York Fashion Week. Looks like David’s come along to give moral support. Awww…

The couple are as chic as ever. I love Victoria’s coat. And David makes good use of the scarf to add just the right touch to his suit. They returned just in time for Nemo, no less. They must really miss the United States now- LOL.



Victoria Beckham Steps Out Solo

Exclusive... Victoria Beckham Steps Out In London

Victoria Beckham knew people were waiting for her. At least I’m assuming that’s why she took a moment to touch up her hair before stepping out of her office in London. Victoria probably looked great already. Love her casual chic style! Victoria’s still rocking those killer boots and skinny jeans. I like how she topped the long red t-shirt with a gray sweater. It’s the sign of someone with a genuine flair for fashion to be able to take basic staples and still make them look chic.

Did you hear about David Beckham signing with French club Paris Saint-Germain? He’s going to be hitting the soccer field again as a pro! For me, I can’t WAIT to see Victoria in Paris. Imagine what her style is going to be like there.


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Victoria Beckham Can’t Choose Between Her Family And Her Career


According to reports, Victoria Beckham feels “torn” between her career and family.
The fashion designer has four children – Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, Cruz, seven, and 18-month-old Harper – with soccer star husband David Beckham and she admits being a working mother is tough because she’s always trying to divide her time equally.

She said: “As a working mum you feel guilty, you feel torn. That’s the biggest challenge, it’s a tough thing.”

The former Spice Girls star says she’s a very hands-on mother and every day gets up early to make the children their breakfast – even though David recently claimed he did.

She said: “He lied. Let me tell you now, he is not the one. I’m always like, ‘Go and shake daddy and get him out of bed, tell him that he has to take you to school.'”

Because she is so dedicated to her career and being a mother, the 38-year-old star says she has had to sacrifice luxuries like holidays as she isn’t able to switch off. She told Britain’s ELLE magazine: “A lot of people don’t have holidays. I’m a workaholic, David’s a workaholic. We joke and say, ‘One day, when the kids are grown up, we’ll start with holidays.'”


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