Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Are Opening A Scientology School

So, does this confirm the Scientology rumors about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith? I thought they were just being associated with the religion because of the their close friendship with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but if the L.A. Times is right, things go a lot farther than that.

Will and Jada are opening a school that will give grants to young people for arts and education. And 80% of the kids that attend their school will receive financial assistance.

The school says they have no religious affiliation, but,

"Some of its teachers are members of the Church of Scientology, and it
will use teaching methods developed by Scientology founder L. Ron

Some people think that the school isn’t fulling disclosing their connection to the religion. A spokesperson for a California Association of Private Schools Organization said,

"I know next to nothing about Scientology, but if you’re using some
method or technology closely associated with Scientology and
Scientology is characterized as a church or religious body, it raises a
question if they proclaim themselves as other than religious," Reynolds
said. He has not seen the school’s website.

"I don’t want to insinuate the school is failing to disclose anything.
But as a matter of good practice, if a school has an affiliation, it
would behoove it to expose it."

What do you think about all this? Does it change your opinion of Will Smith at all? Or are these rumors about Will and Jada being Scientologists just fluff?

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I just love summer suits! Here is Will Smith outside Letterman’s studio.

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Charlize Theron And Will Smith At The Hancock Premiere In Moscow

This woman could look good in ANYTHING. I mean, she’s basically wearing the wreath I  hang on my door at Christmas, yet she looks STUNNING. Anyone else would look like a fool in that dress but Charlize Theron pulls it off. She and Will Smith were in Moscow for the premiere of Hancock.

…and Will isn’t looking too shabby either. :)

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Tom Cruise, David Beckham And Will Smith Fence Together


Tom Cruise built a fencing room in his new home and has recruited best buds Will Smith and David Beckham as duel partners.Will tells The Daily Mirror,

"Tom has a room for training.
We don’t get enough time for hanging out, just us three guys, so this is his way of getting together and bonding.

"David and I go to his home and just do fencing. It’s a lot of fun. We wanted an activity that was strenuous, but we’re getting older – we have to think about slowing down. We’ve got to watch our joints. Especially my knee… Ow."

Who am I kidding? I just wanted an excuse to post this picture again!!

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Will Smith, Katharine McPhee, Lindsay Lohan getting dragged by her mother at high speeds, Liv Tyler, Anna Faris and some good ol’ American Gladiators (who I joked around with a bit) also walked the magic line.

Will Smith’s Secret To A Happy Marriage – Rule Out Divorce

Well, that makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? If divorce isn’t an option, you are forced to work things out. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith> have accepted that they are in it for the long haul and nothing will change that. The good, the bad and the ugly.

"Divorce can’t be an option – it’s really that simple. If you just
remove the option… because, if you have the option, one day that
person’s gonna make you wanna divorce. That’s been a huge part of the success for she (Pinkett Smith) and I… We’re like, ‘Listen, we’re gonna be together one way or the other so might as well try and be happy."

In other news, I saw the trailer for Hancock over the weekend and I am really excited about it. New twist on a superhero. Comes out on July 2nd.